What if Your Brakes Grind When You Apply Them?

Brake pads consist of many kinds of materials. Some brake pads are semi-metallic, some are organic in makeup, and others consist of ceramic materials. All pads are made to absorb heat. They do not flake off, nor do they break down over time. Brake pads absorb heat and do not melt. Brake pads are, however, constructed to wear down quicker than metal hubs, saving you from the necessity of changing your hubs out instead of your brake pads.

If you hear grinding when you apply your brakes, this means you have worn your brake pads completely away and are grinding metal to metal. You are harming the hub, creating scratch lines, or even creating dents. You may have to have your hubs "turned" to smooth them out, or replace them entirely.

When you hear your brakes grind, get your vehicle to our Honda service facility in Hayward, CA immediately.

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