When it’s time to purchase tires, many drivers are unsure as to whether to purchase summer tires or all-season tires. It’s a tough choice, but our trained staff at Honda of Hayward can answer all your questions and steer you in the right direction. Stop and visit us today.

Summer tires and all-season tires both offer benefits. If you’re driving in the summer, you probably want summer tires. They’re also called performance tires because of how well they perform in summer weather. Whether it’s extremely hot, rainy or a perfect summer day, summer tires are your best choice. If you live in an area that has cold temperatures and snow, you’ll need all-season tires because they’ll give the best traction in that climate.

Whether you’re in need of tires or some other automotive service, we’re here to help you. Call for an appointment or stop and visit our shop today.



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