Is it Important to Understand Car Tire Markings?

Should you learn the markings on your tires? The quick answer is yes. Your car tires may look sleek and simple to the naked eye, but they are more diverse instruments than they may seem. Car tires have many important functions to perform, and they must do their jobs consistently and effectively. That said, these complex inventions work best when matched with compatible vehicles and drivers. One good way to check on the vehicle-compatibility of replacement tires is to take a close look at their sidewall information. Look for:

  • Tire Type: This is usually a letter, with "P" signifying passenger vehicle-rated tires.
  • Tire Profile: The profile number is usually a 2-digit code that reveals the ratio between sidewall-height and tire-width.
  • Width: This is usually expressed as a three-digit number in millimetric graduations.
  • Diameter: In tire terms, the diameter is a measure of the diameter of the wheel.
  • Construction: Tire construction codes tell you what kind of ply-weave a given tire has. For example, radial tires are represented by the letter "R".

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