Helpful Tips for Reducing Distracted Driving Situations

If you take a few extra minutes before putting the car in drive, you will be in a better position to not become another distracted driver on the roads. Follow these simple tips from Honda of Hayward, and you'll be more prepared to handle the road ahead of you.

Secure all loose items in your car now so they are not rolling around and causing a distraction when you are driving. Get everything off the dashboard, put away things on the seats, and use the glove box to secure things that could easily come loose while you're driving.

It might be hard, but turn off your mobile device until you get to where you are going. At least you can turn off the social media alerts and leave the ringer on for an emergency. Anything happening on social media can wait until you are safely out of the car. If your car has Bluetooth or hands-free compatibility, consider linking it to your smartphone before leaving your driveway so that you can navigate with more confidence.

If you stop at our Honda dealership in Hayward, CA, you can test drive a new car packed with safety features for reducing distracted driving situations.



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