Why Are Car Covers so Important?

The car cover was designed to help protect your investment, but many owners consider it more of a hassle than a necessity. Here is how you will benefit using the car cover more often.

Sunlight is the enemy to the paint and interior of your car. If your vehicle is sitting out exposed in the sun, it will start to fade the paint and diminish the quality of the interior. Cracking and peeling of the dash only reduce the resale value, something you can eliminate by using the car cover more often.

If you are not washing the tree sap or dead bugs off the car each day, it can cause the clear coat to become damaged and expose the paint below. The car cover will eliminate those contaminants so that you can wash your car less often, and only when you choose to complete this task. Taking the small step of securing your car cover to your Honda vehicle makes this possible.

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