Hatchbacks: More Cargo Space With Better Retention of Value

Which do you like better, more cargo space or longer retention of value in a vehicle? With many hatchbacks, you get both. So if you're thinking about buying a hatchback, we at Honda of Hayward want you to be informed. That's why we've put together a few reasons that hatchbacks are a great option.

Cargo space is always an issue with a sedan, but with a hatchback, you get more room in the back to store all of your stuff. Also, with a hatchback, many have back seats that fold down so that you have even more room. You'll also be pleased to know that most hatchbacks retain more of their value for longer than a sedan.

Do you want to give one a test drive to see if you like it? Come to Honda of Hayward, and one of our sales associates will set you up with a test drive.



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