Keeping The Gears Moving in Your Honda Car

Without a properly operating transmission, your vehicle won't change gears, which means that you won't be able to move anywhere. A transmission service removes the fluid before the new fluid is put back. This can help to remove the debris that has built over time in the transmission, keeping the interior parts lubricated so that they move as they should.

If the temperature of the vehicle has risen while driving, then you want to get the transmission serviced because the high temperatures can cause damage to the gears. Over time, the fluid in the transmission thickens and doesn't flow as smoothly, which means that it can prevent the gears from moving like they should.

When your transmission needs serviced, visit Honda of Hayward so that one of the technicians can check the fluid and ensure that all of the components are working. While at our Honda service shop, the technician can check the oil and other fluids as well.

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