There are many things vehicle owners should do to keep their cars in optimal condition. This includes washing your vehicle on a regular basis, which will extend its lifespan, but there are other benefits of having a clean car. At Honda of Hayward, we like to keep our consumers informed, so let's check out the benefits of washing your car.

Washing your vehicle will improve your fuel efficiency. This is because if you have a coat of dirt on your car, it will cause drag, which will increase fuel consumption. A clean exterior also enhances safe driving. With a clean car, you have increased visibility because the windows are free of debris and dirt.

Keeping the exterior of your vehicle clean also helps prevent damage. Dirt can cause rusting, scratches, and damage to the protective coating. You also reduce the likelihood of getting sick if you have a clean exterior because germs travel through dirt. If you live in an area with mild temperatures and keep your vehicle in a garage, you should wash your car once or twice per month.



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