How Brake Fluid Helps Your Vehicle

At Honda of Hayward, we want to help you keep your vehicle in the best possible condition. Brake fluid, or hydraulic fluid, is a vital substance that helps your braking system function properly. It is found in the brake lines, and without brake fluid, you wouldn't be able to stop your vehicle when you apply the brakes. To find out more about brake fluid, read further. 

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How a Clay Bar Helps You Clean Your Vehicle

You might not think about the way that brake dust and bug debris can damage the surface of your vehicle but it is important for you to know that they should be cleared off the vehicle often. Honda of Hayward wants you to know just what you can do to carefully watch over the surface of your vehicle's exterior.

When you run a clay bar over your vehicle, you help to remove dirt and debris. You remove those things that you cannot see with the naked eye. When you use clay to clean your vehicle, you get the debris…

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Summer Tires vs. All Season Tires

When it’s time to purchase tires, many drivers are unsure as to whether to purchase summer tires or all-season tires. It’s a tough choice, but our trained staff at Honda of Hayward can answer all your questions and steer you in the right direction. Stop and visit us today.

Summer tires and all-season tires both offer benefits. If you’re driving in the summer, you probably want summer tires. They’re also called performance tires because of how well they perform in summer weather. Whether it’s extremely hot, rainy or a perfect summer day, summer tires are…

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Why Are Car Covers so Important?

The car cover was designed to help protect your investment, but many owners consider it more of a hassle than a necessity. Here is how you will benefit using the car cover more often.

Sunlight is the enemy to the paint and interior of your car. If your vehicle is sitting out exposed in the sun, it will start to fade the paint and diminish the quality of the interior. Cracking and peeling of the dash only reduce the resale value, something you can eliminate by using the car cover more often. 

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Helpful Tips for Reducing Distracted Driving Situations

If you take a few extra minutes before putting the car in drive, you will be in a better position to not become another distracted driver on the roads. Follow these simple tips from Honda of Hayward, and you'll be more prepared to handle the road ahead of you.

Secure all loose items in your car now so they are not rolling around and causing a distraction when you are driving. Get everything off the dashboard, put away things on the seats, and use the glove box to secure things that could easily come loose while you're driving…

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Tips On How to Find a Good Mechanic

You depend on your vehicle and keeping it running is tops on your list. That is why finding a good, reputable, and experienced mechanic is such an essential part of owning a vehicle. The next time you need vehicle repaired consider these following tips:

  • Research the repair needed online to get a baseline cost of the repair.
  • Find a mechanic that specializes in the vehicle and repair needed for that particular model.
  • Ask friends and acquaintances who they use for vehicle repairs. 
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Hatchbacks: More Cargo Space With Better Retention of Value

Which do you like better, more cargo space or longer retention of value in a vehicle? With many hatchbacks, you get both. So if you're thinking about buying a hatchback, we at Honda of Hayward want you to be informed. That's why we've put together a few reasons that hatchbacks are a great option.

Cargo space is always an issue with a sedan, but with a hatchback, you get more room in the back to store all of your stuff. Also, with a hatchback, many have back seats that fold down so that you have even more…

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Find Out How to Recognize When Your Tires Need to Be Replaced

Tire replacement has to be a top priority. If the tread on your tires is starting to go, it’s dangerous for you to be on the road. There are a few tips to follow to determine if your tires need to be replaced.

Look at the tire tread. If it is worn or "bald" in spots, this could be problematic. You may also want to measure the depth of the tread with a gauge. 

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Keeping The Gears Moving in Your Honda Car

Without a properly operating transmission, your vehicle won't change gears, which means that you won't be able to move anywhere. A transmission service removes the fluid before the new fluid is put back. This can help to remove the debris that has built over time in the transmission, keeping the interior parts lubricated so that they move as they should.

If the temperature of the vehicle has risen while driving, then you want to get the transmission serviced because the high temperatures can cause damage to the gears. 

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What if Your Brakes Grind When You Apply Them?

Brake pads consist of many kinds of materials. Some brake pads are semi-metallic, some are organic in makeup, and others consist of ceramic materials. All pads are made to absorb heat. They do not flake off, nor do they break down over time. Brake pads absorb heat and do not melt. Brake pads are, however, constructed to wear down quicker than metal hubs, saving you from the necessity of changing your hubs out instead of your brake pads.

If you hear grinding when you apply your brakes, this means you have worn your brake pads completely away and are grinding…

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